The main resource for our garment’s elaboration is the alpaca fiber, which is very light, soft and durable. This fiber has many benefits that should be highlighted. It is a sustainable natural fiber because it has 22 natural colors, which avoids the dyeing process. Besides, it regulates body temperature in hot or cold climates as it has excellent insulating and thermal qualities due to having microscopic air structures inside. It is characterized by being hypoallergenic and soft. Moreover, it has high durability for being three times stronger than sheep fiber. Alpaca fiber has a silky shine that remains despite production, dyeing or washing; and it also contains no oil or lanolin.

The largest percentage of the world population of this camelid, 80%, is located in Peru’s highlands, which makes our country the largest alpaca fiber producer in the world.

As a company, we choose the best natural fibers and blends for the elaboration of our products. We work with Alpaca Fleece, Baby Alpaca, blends of alpaca with cotton, wool, silk and other fibers.

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