“energy and warmth made into style”

AWAYMANTA is born in Peru, with the aim of giving identity to all the art represented by the creation of each of her garments, which are made with meticulous care by artisans who transmit the Peruvian textile art through their work, being responsible with the environment and empowering mothers of families, thus providing a positive impact for society and bringing the finest alpaca garments to the world.

AWAYMANTA garments are designed by Nuria Ricapa Candiotty, a woman passionate about fashion and Peruvian cultural identity. Throughout her experience in the textile industry and her training in the art of designing fine knitted garments, she acquired knowledge and experience that motivated her to offer the best quality and unique designs in her garments and thus be able to share them with the world.

AWAY comes from the Quechua word, native language of Peru, which means “to knit” (the art of knitting) and MANTA represents greatness and warmth. Therefore, when you wear an AWAYMANTA garment, you will receive exclusivity, fineness, and the warm embrace of all the people who made possible the realization of each of the garments made with dedication and love.

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