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CANURI was established in 2011 by Nuria Ricapa Candiotty, with the aim of forming a family business dedicated to design creation and development of textile garments made by Peruvian women’s hands, which transmit the art of our ancestors through designs with cultural motifs, and the cooperation work and reciprocal solidarity.

We were born with the purpose of being a Peruvian company that shares with the world the richness of our resources and cultural heritage through top-level designs and products, in harmony with our staff, our clients, the environment, and society.

We are sure that our garments not only offer style, they also provide warmth and energy that come from the work and effort of the CANURI family




We create original and exclusive designs made with passion, creativity and style; in such wise we share with the world the richness of our Peruvian cultural heritage.



Each garment that we elaborate is made with patience and a thorough QA in each one of its processes, in such manner we guarantee first level products and flexible production quantities



At CANURI, we work and rely on solid values, such as transparency, sustainability and commitment, thus ensuring high quality garments which satisfy the needs of the international market.



AWAYMANTA is born in Perú, delicate and warm fusion of trend. AWAY comes from the Quechua word, native language of Perú, which means “to knit” (the art of knitting) and MANTA represents greatness and warmth.

Nuria Candiotty


Founder of Canuri, a woman passionate about fashion and Peruvian cultural identity, throughout her experience in the knitting industry, she acquired knowledge and experiences that motivated her to begin this journey in the world of textile art.

As a detailed and creative woman, she seeks to offer the best quality in her garments to share them with the world.

“Every garment we make is made with patience and love by all our Peruvian knitters, in such a way we look for our creativity to be transmitted as a warmer hug we give to every person who use our garments”